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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

According to Chinese media, Japan apologized for what Japan did during the Second World War. So what’s the deal? Isn’t this whole protest thing over? Or is it still happening because the people there don’t trust their media and the government? Probably latter is true. Chinese government is really good at filtering information on the Internet. Sometimes I think they should sell the system because I think it is so good and working. It definitely has a business profit or something.

Anyway, this whole thing is not doing anything good for Japan or China or even Korea, which is also protesting against Japan. Yes, Japanese history texts suck, but Chinese text books are even worse. Thus, why don’t we stop yelling at each other because nothing good comes out of this.

Chinese radical development is depended by Japan, and Japanese economy is also depended on Chinese development. What if Chinese could possibly stop buying Japanese products? Who’s going to suffer? Only Japanese? I doubt it.

Check how Chinese government is successful on filtering information at here:

Check how Chinese history texts hide what and emphasize on what at here:

Thursday, April 14, 2005

American Hamburgers from Japanese View

53% of Californians are fat because they always drive a car and eat Hamburgers. Am I wrong?

Living in Japan, I feel it's quite unbelievable that that many people have over 25% fat in their body, although we have McDonald’s as well. I know why. It’s because we don’t like junk food, and hamburgers are a lot smaller here compare to the ones in the US. I was particulary surprised by the size of the regular hamburgers in McDonald’s and especially Berger King. Also it’s very expensive here, so I felt it is cheap in the US although the size is bigger (thus unhealthier). The crucial reason for this is, however, we don’t like unhealthy food. Fast food restaurants are dying out in Japan. Berger King had to leave this country years ago, and McDonald’s is decreasing the price in order to survive in here.

The last time I went to a (junk) fast food restaurant was this January and since then, no junk food. Once in six months or something will satisfy my desire. The end.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

It's been a half year since I opened this blog...

It's been a half year since I opened this blog... yet this is my second post!

I heard most of bloggers die within first two months, and I was kinda like that, but here I am, still surviving.

I've been a blogger in Japan for last half year, so this is not new. It's just I'm not sure if I can keep two of them yet in a different language. I HOPE I can do it.

I'll see.